Trying to roll back win10 to win8 - can't seem to find win8

OOPS! Just found the answer to my question - many thanks to Mahmoud and Michael. Will try the never 10 app.


I have a bootable usb with the win10 rollback installed. Both the easy usb program and the rollback optics programs were verified as installed.

Went in and changed boot to legacy, bumped up the bootable usb to the first boot. When I re-booted, the easy recovery screen popped up. As in the demo, I clicked on the auto fix option (first option) but when the second screen opened, only windows 10 and a data set showed as being recoverable. So, where did my windows 8 go? Is it possible it was overwritten by windows 10 and its updates?

I have had numerous and continuous problems with my computer since win10 was installed and would really like to revert.


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So you're OK now?


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I see you've edited your post to say you're OK. What was the problem?

Also, there is no need to use the never10 app since the Windows 10 Rollback Utility also prevents automatic upgrades to Windows 10 after use.