Ugly but faster

I moved Windows 8.1 to solid state drive from a dual boot spinner,
then installed fresh Windows 10 to dual boot from that SSD. Using Microsoft's menu,
launching a non-default OS always ran back thru BIOS.
EasyBCD 2.3 made quick work of adding a third menu option
(a Windows 10 evaluation beta, still on the spinning drive) to the blue graphic menu.

Subsequently using EasyBCD to edit selection descriptions for the OS menu,
it became low resolution white text on black screen,
but launching non-default selections no longer go back thru BIOS.

While I was initially disturbed by the appearance change,
I really appreciate those faster OS launches, thanks!


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I should have clarified that hibernate is disabled (hiberfil.sys removed) to reduce SSD wear, speed shutdown by about 2 seconds and slow boot by about the same amount. Regardless, it went thru BIOS for non-default OS when the graphic boot menu was used.


Knows where his towel is.
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It hibernates secretly even if you turn off overt hibernation, unless you also disable "fast boot"