Vista auto repair "other user"

Please help. vista would crash, usually after the boot up screen would turn into a what looks like a mangled pile of white letters, most likely due to a gfx card update. Eventually, on boot up, an error 0xcoooood would show up and say "windows unable to start, most likely due to a recent soft/hardware change, insert recovery disk."

So i got the vista recovery disk, and did an automated repair with success, then restarted normally. after the vista logo, a black screen and window appeared only once, saying error 0x something. so i tried the disk again and tried a system restore, but all my OS restores were replaced with 2 "snapshots" from the 18th, 2 days ago.
I restored the earliest one, and no luck.

Now whenever i boot up, in taken to an Other User log in screen. And when i type anything in and press enter, it says username or domain could not be contacted. hidden user is disabled, and i cant access selective startup with F8.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mostly Harmless
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This happens when a virus causes two problems with your PC: a boot-related issue and a profile corruption problem. Our CD fixes one, but can't restore a corrupted user profile as no backup of it exists, so you face the login problem.


Mostly Harmless
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A corrupted graphics driver wouldn't cause a boot-time error..
I have the same problem

Im new at this blogging stuff, But after I ran the CD it worked fine up to the point where it asked me for a password. I never set any other users on the computer...


Exactly what are you doing? If you are doing an initial install of an operating system the request for a password is to allow you to set one. Clicking on the 'next' button allows you to continue without setting a password.
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