Vista RE - Only User is "Other User," cannot log in

My client's Dell Inspiron E1501 (Vista Home Premium 32 bit) booted only to Startup Repair. I mounted the drive on another computer and recovered critical user data. I purchased "Windows Vista Recovery CD" from and ran auto repair. When I removed the recovery CD from the drive and rebooted, I got a Vista-like screen with a blank icon and "Other User." When I attempted to log in with an administrator account (and I know the account name and password are correct) I get a message that says, "the specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted." Prior to running the recovery disc, this computer was in a workgroup environment, and has never been connected to a domain. Even if I wanted to, there is no place to specify a domain. If I remove the client's disk and mount it on another computer, the correct directories are still found under \Users.

How do I get past the user login issue and what has happened to the existing users on this computer? Alternatively, how can I get back to where I was before I ran the "recovery" CD? So far this product has only made my life worse. I will welcome any suggestions.

Mak 2.0

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Try that. You have to remember, these disks are NOT the Official Microsoft Recovery Disks. These are Linux Based disks that we created to try and get assistance to people.

Introducing Windows Recovery Essentials | The NeoSmart Files

We came up with something to try and help people with Recovery. Microsoft is doing their best to hamper this process by making people buy their product at over twice the cost. Yes it is taking time and has many growing pains. But I don't see anyone else in the world trying to accomplish what we are here. So you have the choice to throw your money to them to get Recovery Media that works cause the stuff you burn when you buy a system is useless. That is fine. But we are doing something no one else is.

You cant get to a point before running the media. You can only use Restore Points. Which you need either our media or the Microsoft Based Media to get to.

If you wish, email System Disks @ and see what they say.
My client's machine has no recovery points saved, so I guess I'm toast. I would gladly have paid twice the price to get Microsoft's product if I could have found where to get it. I searched the Microsoft site extensively before coming here. It might not have fixed my problem but I'll bet it wouldn't have trashed the user accounts. I'll try the password reset CD, thanks for that suggestion.