Vista ruined my laptop please help

So I updated Vista about a week ago and it started to slow down and I'd get errors like svchost crashed. I did a system restore and upon restarting it all i get is a black screen with a cursor that can be moved around.

I purchased the Easy RE Windows Vista CD from this site and burned it. I booted it up using that CD, it takes me to Windows Recovery Essentials, I selected Automated repair, the screen tells me to select an OS, i have 2 OS listed

Windows Vista 32-bit (C:smile: NTFS 2GiB Not Active
Windows Vista 32 bit (D:smile: NTFS 72GiB ACTIVE

I do that autorepair and the program says it fixes everything.

After I restart using the hard drive I immediately get this error:

Your computer needs to be repaired
File Windows\system32\winload.exe
error code 0xc0000428

When that didn't work I tried to do System Restore from one of the points and nothing happens my computer freezes.

Shouldn't C: drive be where my Vista is located?
How do I fix this or should I just install windows 7 and lose all my files some of which are backed up some are not.


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Sounds like you have more problems than a broken boot, but before you resort to factory resetting your PC, you can use the repair CD to access your HDD and rescue personal data to an external device.
It's a Linux OS and you should see the option on the initial screen which you can use in the same way as described here.
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