Windows and software install

What I need and what a lot of people possibly might find useful:
I would like to have a bootable device like a USB-Stick or a USB-disk which contains a multiboot
software and on which I can simply add any bootable program by copying it onto the device and then
adding it to a menu so that when connecting the stick or disk to a PC I can boot any one of the
programs it contains, such as Windows itself , partition-tools , in short any software that can be booted.
It would make it very easy to have ones collection of programs on such a stick/disk all nicely together
and accesible without having to keep changing dvds, cds , etc etc constantly. That way any installation and the work involved would be soo much easier. Any suggestons? Thank you

on second thought and to explain myself a little bettter what I would like to do is create a stick or better even a usb-disk which contains about 20 different programs such as windows , office , partitionmanager , Acronis , Linux , several tools in DOS etc etc and which:
1 is recognized as bootdevice by several PCs
2 allows me to boot and use any of the programs it contains simply by choosing it in a menu
3 allows me to add or remove any programs to modify it and Keep it up to date
4 preferable an external hard-disk for better speed and faster modifications than a stick as writing to those takes a lot of time.
all this because I do frequent installations and or modifications on a number of PCs and I want to be able to tailor this to my particular needs

Again thank you anyone for Information M
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