Windows Multiboot with grub

Hi all,

I have a harddisk with 3 partitions 2 with Windows and 1 with Ubuntu. I use grub to select between operating systems.

Currently I can boot to the Windows systems and select between the 2 OS's, 1 is my production OS and the other is Windows Insider. Grub finds the 3 OS's but I cant boot into Windows Insider from grub because there i something missing. However I can boot into the WIndows Insider when I choose the other windows installation because there a menu with each of the installations. They are on 2 separate partitions.

What do I need to do to install a boot loader for each of the windows installations so that grub can find them and hence boot into them from the grub menu.




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You could try copying the boot files to the second Windows
Changing the Boot Partition
It doesn't alter the original, so your PC will continue to boot as it does presently.
Once each windows has it's own boot files and is booting successfully from grub, you can use EasyBCD to edit the contents of each (Use the tools menu to switch between BCDs), so that each one just defaults to itself.
When you have verified that each Windows successfully boots to the right place when the timeout occurs on the second menu, you can use EasyBCD to remove the non-default entry from each BCD and, in the absence of any choice, no second menu will be presented and the boot from grub should be the only thing you see at power-up.