Windows Vista Passwords

The recovery disc has successfully recovered Windows Vista for me, but when booting up into windows, it defaults to other user and requests a password.This was not a profile before and i do not know the password, can anyone help please?


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Reset Vista Admin Password

I need to reset the admin password, because I forgot it. I thought EasyRE would let me reset it, but I can't find the way to do it. Please help!!!


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Only if you made an actual password reset disc before you forgot the password. Googling this issue I came across quite a few hits, this one notably: How to reset the Windows administrator password - Windows 7 Vista XP - 4sysops


I should have added if you reach another user login screen that isn't familiar and no password works then from other posts in this section:

This is usually caused by a virus that causes profile corruption and then vanishes. It only affects Windows Vista machines.
You can send an email to for further help.
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As Peter said:

The "Other User" login problem is caused by a virus infection of your PC. This virus has been documented to first corrupt the user profile, preventing you from logging into Windows, and then corrupting the bootloader, preventing Windows from even starting.

Our recovery CDs were able to repair part of the damage caused by this virus, allowing you to boot into Windows once more. However, it appears the automated repair was not able to restore your corrupted user profile. You may have some success using the System Restore feature of the CD to revert to an earlier snapshot - however, there's no guarantee that will get you back into your account.

You should take advantage of the "Browse/Backup" feature of the recovery to access and save your important files and data.

Googling for Other User virus may turn up more helpful advice on dealing with this problem.