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Great Product - Windows 10 install.....GOOF
By David Bryant on August 26, 2015

Easy Recovery Essentials may be the best software I have purchased in YEARS!!! I decided to be cool and install Win 10 on my sons laptop. Of course I didn't back up all of his homework. Five minutes into the 10 install the computer crashed and to say the least my son was livid. I spent hours trying to repair to no avail. I started to Google for help and ran across this program. I NEVER purchase these products but in desperation I caved and purchased. Best $20.00 ever spent. Period!!!

Rip Off
By Donna Caissie on March 27, 2016

The Windows XP Recovery Disk put my laptop into a continuous loop of bootmgr is missing and then the machine tries to reboot only to go back to the message bootmgr is missing. Neosmart wants me to waste more time by calling their tech support. I've since replaced the machine, and all I want from Neosmart is my money back.

By Brian Watland on February 26, 2014

My Windows XP system would not boot. Hal.DLL missing and NTLDR missing errors. Couldn't even boot in safe mode and recovery disks from manufacturer as well as Ebay didn't work either.

Thank you. Recovery Essentials fixed my computer in a few clicks of the mouse. Awesome!

Really simple to operate
By Sam R. on March 20, 2013

Worked great on Vista and really simple to operate, Thanks for your help.

Windows 10 No Boot...Worked Amazing
By R Dey on September 7, 2015

This product worked amazing on my windows 10 desktop. kept getting a boot error at startup. nothing I read online seemed to work. Found this easy program. and within 15 min the computer was up and running...Thanks EasyRE

Worth the cost, even for a one time use
By Tim on October 12, 2017

I had the spinning wheel saying “\1” that wouldn't ever stop. I spent about 5 hours collectively trying to get it to work. I really didn't want to do a clean install of windows because I haven't backed up in a while. $20 is definitely worth less than 5 hours of my time. It took about 10 minutes to download, make the usb, and run the repair. Fast and easy.

Saved my PC!
By Mike Z on November 20, 2014

My computer was slowing down so I foolishly installed a registry defragger with hopes to speed it up. Next time I restarted I got disk errors, windows errors, and the computer was in a state of infinite reboots and blue screens. The Windows repair disk was worthless and found no errors. I thought that all was lost and I would have to wipe and start from scratch when someone linked to this software from some random forum when I was researching cures. I had never heard of the product before, but figured that I might as well try it out as a last chance, fortunately I was able to use a friend's PC to burn the image. I get home, run the recovery tool, and within 30 minutes I'm back into Windows like nothing happened. Amazing!

The most surprising thing is that this program is relatively unknown, but I'll definitely be recommending it to anyone who has serious problems with Windows!

Where are all the negative reviews?
By Nimar Kataq on September 25, 2017

You don't simply show only positive reviews without negative. Otherwise it's not constructive. You should know your bad aspects for your own improvement!

No Bueno!
By Philip on June 1, 2016

"Unable to proceed with the repair of this volume. Check logs for more details" Geez! Save your $20 dollars people. Not worth it!

cant open file after i downloaded
By Reagan on July 16, 2017

i downloaded it in my Oppo F1S phone but when i try to open it.. it says cant open file.. kindly contact us on what to do.. thank u

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