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It works!
By Fernando on February 13, 2015

I have a old PC with Win 7 where I installed a Ubuntu partition. In some point I tried to restore the Win 7 to factory settings and the Grub got losted. I got only the Grub rescue screen. I didn't have a installation's media, so I was not able to reinstall the SO. EasyRE repair my boot and I was able to use the Win 7 again.

Worked great!
By Dave K on August 2, 2016

Worked great! Had Windows 7 boot problem "boot selection failed because a required device is in accessible". This software corrected the problem in minutes.

Your disk works wonders!
By Morgan C. on November 22, 2012

Thank you! Your disks work wonders. My PC was fixed in a matter of 10 minutes.

Great product saved me tons of time
By Simon C on July 6, 2013

I thought I write a brief review on this since I was skeptical at first but it fixed my issues and I had to do it justice.

My computer was hit with a MBR issue after using a cleanup program which messed it up.

  1. 0x00000f BCD error (black Screen)
  2. Windows recovery failed to work (incompatible version ?!?)
  3. Diskpart could not set the drive to active in command prompt
  4. BCD Rebuild failed to work as drive was locked out

I was pretty much out of options and I came across this software, so I thought I try it out since the last option was re install which I would hate.

And truly enough 10 mins of running the software the automatic repair fixed whatever issue and the computer booted as per normal.

So if your at your wits end, give this a shot. It worked for me and I hope it will for you.

Great Product
By Trev Smith on March 29, 2016

Spent a whole evening trying to sort out a boot problem and then a sleepless night worrying how I was going to sort out the problem - the next morning at 6am through weary eyes stumbled on this product in the vain hope it might work I gave it a try - 30 minutes later after trying to get my Toshiba laptop to boot from the right drive - success and a very relieved me! Thanks

Easy RE did the trick!
By Stephen Paschen on October 19, 2014

After reading on your website some of the problems and issues that others were experiencing I didn't have much faith that easy RE was going to work for me. I had musical scores that I was in the middle of and I had pretty much written them off as gone, along with everything else that I cherished. I had made backup discs but even those wouldn't load.

Sure enough easy RE did the trick with simplicity and very little effort on my part. Thanks for the great product.

Stephen Paschen Paschen Guitars

Thank you!
By newtoncd8 on December 27, 2017

Went to boot up my 3 month old HP laptop and was getting a /bcd 0xc0000098 error. Went to the Microsoft site, downloaded the free repair tools and they didn't work.

Downloaded EasyRE and within about 5 minutes, my laptop was booting up to Windows 10.

Thank you very much for a quality product.

Did what it was advertised to do
By James Bauer on April 26, 2013

My Windows 7 system would not boot and diagnostics said that the registry was corrupted. Learning that I was going to have to rebuild my system (System restore) would not work, I purchased this product with a goal of salvaging all of my data from the un-bootable system. I was able to recover my documents, pictures, and music folders with nothing lost.

This software don't work
By Dong Hwan Lee on January 25, 2018

I can't get to driver running This is useless for me

Saved the Day!!!
By Win8Nightmare on October 29, 2015

Downloaded the Windows 8 Recovery Disk after trying everything, couldn't even use startup recovery discs, and it saved the day!

Windows 8 Recovery walked me through the process with a user friendly interface. Geek Squad initially wanted to reformat the drive and reinstall the windows platform $$$.

Thanks again NEOSMART!!! You are NEOSMART!!

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