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Thread: Loud Noise from CD-ROM Drive at Startup

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    Default Loud Noise from CD-ROM Drive at Startup

    please tell me what to do with my noisy CD/DVD drive. It seems that my pc tries to boot from the CD/DVD drive and there is a noise every time I start my pc, otherwise the drive works well. please advise

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    Hello Alakim Welcome to Neosmart Technologies.

    Before your PC boots you should see a screen that says hit F2 or Del for setup. That will get you into your BIOS. Go into the BIOS and check your boot order. IT will read to boot from your CD/DVD driver before your hard drive. Just move that down to after your hard drive and that should prevent this from happening.

    The only reason why we leave it that way is so when we want to boot from a CD/DVD that option is there. Like when we have to re-install or something like that.
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