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Thread: HP Recovery Partition won't boot .

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    Default HP Recovery Partition won't boot .

    Hello friends,
    congratulations for your work!!!

    I am desperate with my HP laptop , the problem is the following :

    HP recovery partition is there but won't boot to the Recovery Manager .
    Of course F11 doesn't work. All my previous recoveries had worked when i changed the
    the flag of the recovery partition to boot flag via a GParted Live CD that i have for emergency .

    Probably this issue is caused by the Boot manager of my recent Osx x86 Leopard by iAtkos that i've installed .

    Now i'm runnin an old Recovered OS of Vista (full of malewares and trojans) and cannot install any further fresh one from the HP partition.

    Something goes wrong with the mbr tables and cannot find solution
    Any thoughts ????

    Big thnks in advance ,

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    Try using F8 or F12 to get teh Recovery Partition to boot.
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