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Thread: Make a recovery partition

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    Default Make a recovery partition

    Arequest I guess, how about the ability to add a hidden recovery partition like Dell etc. that asks to press f11 at boot to boot from it.


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    No can do, its OEM specific. Your best bet is buying a decent imaging solution like Acronis, getting the machine setup exactly as you'd want it in a clean install, and than imaging it to an external drive if a reinstall should be required so you can skip a few steps here and there.

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    Actually Acronis can do that to some degree. You can install the secure zone stuff and enable an option to have it install in the mbr. I think the button will be F10 or something but it will prompt. That copy actually lets you do everything. The secure zone isn't accessed by windows so it is generally safe.

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    Acronis is what I mentioned. Your method is fine, but it takes over the boot and if the hard drive fails/needs to be reformmated than you're in trouble. You're best imaging with Acronis and storing the image on a completly separate drive.

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