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Thread: HDD now shows RAW after trying to use MBR rebuild with Neosmart software ... HELP

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    Default HDD now shows RAW after trying to use MBR rebuild with Neosmart software ... HELP

    I have been asked to repair a Dell laptop running Windows 7 that just stopped booting to the OS.

    It has shown all of the following, and when checked on a second PC with a docking bay, it shows all partitions as RAW, but active.

    Missing Operating System (latest)
    BootMngr missing

    I've tried using the tools on NeoSmarts software / boot disc, but nothing work, and I'd like to extract the important doc / photos before reformatting the HDD and doing a fresh install of Win 7 .......

    Can anyone help with the RAW problem ?

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    TestDisk Download - CGSecurity

    might help you get the file system restored to the point where you can save personal data via the docking bay, or directly from the laptop like this

    Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer - How-To Geek

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