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Thread: Installing and running EasyBCD

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    Default Installing and running EasyBCD

    Hi, I have downloaded and installed Ubuntu to my portable hard drive (I have 2 portable hard drives); I currently have dual-boot running with Windows 7 (64). When I use Ubuntu, I cannot access/recognise the internet or my second portable hard drive, so I have downloaded Easybcd in the hope that this solves my hard drive recognition/access problems. Where do I install Easybcd? Do I have to install it to my main hard drive, where Windows 7 (64) is installed or on the portable hard drive where I downloaded and installed Ubuntu?

    I hope that I have explained my problem clearly here; I am a total beginner with this and I would appreciate any (clearly explained) help.



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    EasyBCD will help you get a dual-boot working from the W7 boot manager's side.
    You already have a working dual-boot (presumably from grub as the controlling boot manager), so using EasyBCD won't achieve anything you can't already do.
    It has no effect on anything inside Linux. It's a Window .NET app that will modify the Vista/7/8 BCD according to your instructions. Once you're inside any of the OSs in your multi-boot, it is completely inactive and won't change the way any of them run.
    If you are having problems with Ubuntu, you need to seek help in one of their forums.

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