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Thread: Locked out from Windows

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    Default Locked out from Windows


    I have a dualboot setup using Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux, working fine until yesterday. Then I did something stupid: I set Ubuntu as default and the time limit to 0 seconds. Now EasyBCD starts Ubuntu immediately (which it was supposed to do for the time being), but of course I can't boot into Windows anymore...

    What I did so far:

    • Mounted the Windows partition to find some config file to set the time limit back to 30 seconds - didn't find one.
    • Created an EasyBCD boot usb disk - couldn't boot into Windows.
    • Used my Windows setup disk and executed bootrec /fixmbr resp. /fixboot - still couldn't boot into Windows.

    Now I am pretty much out of options...does anybody have an idea?

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    Boot your W7 DVD, enter command prompt and then
    bcdedit /timeout x
    where x > 0

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    Thank you very much, bcdedit did the trick.

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