CD does not boot


Hi, need help. I burnt the ISO file with ImgBurn. CD looks good. Hooked up a new CD Drive, started UEFI with DEL, legacy boot enabled, secure boot switch not be found, switch to the view for deciding from which SATA to boot, CD Drive clearly found. THEN the screen turns black when trying to boot from the CD with a blinking dash in the upper left corner - THAT IS IT.
When trying to boot from other CDs - booting works immediately. What can I do to start the EasyRecovery CD . ?? I downloaded the original ISO file again, burnt it 3 times with different programs - to no avail. Something is wrong but where to find it and / or change it? I do need help as EasyBCD warns at each start that the system is in EFI mod and cannot be handled by EasyBCD. Thank you all :smile: