EasyBcd and Linux on uefi machines


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I was hoping EacyBcd would allow me to dual boot Windows 10 and Fedora 25 Linux. Unfortunately, I have a UEFI bootloader. Whan I start EasyBcd and try to add Fedora 25 using the "Linux" tab, it says that I must disable "Secure Boot" and enable "Legacy Boot". I do not want to do that. Any suggestions?

Meantime, the workaround I use is to go into the BIOS boot menu and put the Fedora boot partition first. Exiting out of BIOS I get the grub boot menu and can select Fedora 25 to boot into. As soon as I select Windows 10 from the grub menu, all subsequent boots show the grub menu missing and it goes directly into Windows 10. I can live with this process, though it is cumbersome.


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EasyBCD cannot circumvent MS's refusal to allow Linux to boot via the .efi version of bootmgr
EasyBCD and UEFI
The only way to boot that way round would be to reinstall windows on MBR with legacy boot enabled, which is probably not the best route to take.
If you take the option when you install Linux, to let it take control of the boot away from bootmgr, you can successfully dual boot the two on a UEFI PC via grub2.
If you are dual-booting W10 with anything else, bear this in mind