Fried Hard Drive


I've been able to create a bootable USB drive and start up my computer. Unfortunately, my hard drive is fried and I can't get any information off of it.

I've seen some youtube videos of people opening up the drive and gently forcing the arm back into home position but I don't had screws on my hard drive to open it.

Anyone have any suggestions?
If you really need the data, knoll OnTrack is a data recovery specialist who charge a $150 fee (if I remember correctly) to evaluate the hard drive and determine what files and how much they can recover before you pay for the actual recovery itself.
Here. Often time fails it gets fried there's a lot of reasons why this can fail. So what you want to do is find the same hard drive by the same manufacturer. So these are maxed or hard drives.
Hey Rojugf,

I eventually bought an external hard drive reader and attached it to another computer and was able to read the hard drive and retrieve the data. I'm not sure why I couldn't read it with the USB boot up, it could have been the I/O card.
As the thread was started in 2020 I doubt the original poster is still subscribed.
I suggest Google to search fior an answer.