Gnu grub when booting from usb with windows 10 recovery


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Hi, new to this forum and the never-ending world of problems with windows.
Don't know what had the BitLocker key screen come up on opening windows. Got the Dell work laptop when retiring from work. Overwrote the files while trying to copy the files from the dell laptop to the new work laptop...
Put all the files back on the Dell from a backup. Then the BitLocker key screen appeared. Nobody at work knew the BitLocker key for the laptop and on my microsoft account it was not listed. (Later IT found the key on file :frowning:)
I tried everything to get back to the normal login. Then I got the Installation could not be completed message which is going in a loop. I managed to change the boot order to the usb to run the recovery disk... now it brings the gnu grub message...
am I doing something obvious wrong someone knowledgable can point me to?
Help much appreciated...


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All support for EasyRE (which I assume is what you refer to as "..recovery disk...") is via email to
Neither of the mods who do 99% of the responses in this user forum are users of the product, so you're not likely to get any useful support here.