HELP! UEFI or BIOS: Which one should I use?

Hi everyone, I need your help. I have to choose between UEFI and BIOS for my new computer, but I have no idea what they are or how they work. I've heard that there are different types of firmware that control how your computer boots, but that's all I know. I don't understand the technical terms or the pros and cons of each option. How do they affect the speed, security, and compatibility of my system? Which one is more reliable and easy to use? Which one is better for my needs and goals? Please help me out, I'm very confused and frustrated. Thank you so much!
you have no real choice with a new PC. UEFI is the future, MBR/BIOS is the past.
Dont sweat it.
What's under the hood doesn't really matter. The OS will install, boot and run just like before, but the PC will be able to make full use of modern large storage without the restrictions of the legacy technology.
I appreciate your response, but I'm not satisfied just yet. I've heard that UEFI has some drawbacks and limitations that BIOS doesn't have. For example, UEFI might not be compatible with some older hardware or software, or it might introduce new security risks or bugs. Also, UEFI might restrict my ability to customize or modify my system, especially if it uses Secure Boot or TPM. I don't want to lose control over my own computer. How can I be sure that UEFI is the best option for me? Is there any way to switch between UEFI and BIOS, or to use both at the same time? Please explain more, I'm really confused.
UEFI is the newer, more versatile firmware with faster boot times, better security features, and modern hardware support. BIOS is older but simpler. If you want speed, security, and compatibility, UEFI is generally the way to go for a new computer. Hope this helps! 😊