How to change names of Boot-able Linux and WinPE Flash Drives

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I need to use a LINUX Boot Flash to "Secure Erase" my SSD before I use a Windows Rescue Boot Flash to restore a system partition image to my SSD.
My Boot Selection Screen in the BIOS allows me to choose which of the physical drives (with MBR) I can boot from,
but it calls them both "USB DISK 2.0".
Is it possible (and how) to change the physical names to the same as my "Volume Identity" names of "Linux" and "WinPE" respectively ?

Is it feasible to have a single Boot-able Flash Drive that would allow me to first run the Linux Erase and then run the Windows Rescue.
I am thinking that Linux would not easily launch Windows, and Windows would not "call" LINUX,
but that EasyBCD would meet my requirements perfectly.

How much time would it take for the EasBCD code to load and prompt my Linux/Windows choice before it launches my choice.

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