Ireboot confused

I have been running iReboot Under EasyBCD 2.4 for years. Primary operating system is Windows 10, secondary operating system is Ubuntu 18.04 mate.

When upgrading Ububtu 18.04 mate to Ubuntu 20.04 mate the upgrade failed. Unable to log into Ubuntu I manually installed Ubuntu 20.04 (deleting existing Ubuntu installation. The EasyBCD showed the dual boot options of Window 10 and Ubuntu. The Ubuntu option did not work. I then tried deleting Ubuntu option the setting it up from scratch. On fresh reboot the EasyBCD boot selection menu.did not appear.

I tried multiple things but nothing brought up boot selection menu although the EasyBCD showed I had two options.

I then rebooted to Grub2 from cd rom selected the Ubuntu 20.04 mate and booted to it. Ubuntu 20.04 mate came up.

My suspicion is the Microsoft boot manager is confused/hammered or just plain a piece of poorly built software.

I have tried uninstalling iReboot and re-installing luck.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get iReboot working again.

Under Grub2 the were plenty of options listed the order of 20-25. Apparently window keeps a record of all historic boot options. Windows boot manage tool?