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In Windows 7, I had a three-month calendar tucked in the upper right corner of the desktop screen; since it's been there for years, I have no recollection of where I found it; is there some way to locate it in my system? There's nothing found in Win10's "apps" version of All Programs. I transferred to Win10 earlier this month, and now the calendar is stuck on July 31.

Some comments online regarding a similar situation talk about right-click on the desktop, then click on Gadgets . . . no "gadgets" listing shows up when I right-click, so I have no idea what those folk are talking about.

Related: Every now and then I see a comment about something instructing to "click on the sidebar" . . . which means nothing to me; what are they talking about . . . since MS's goal with Win10 clearly was to NOT retain any of previous simplicity, but create an entirely "new and exciting" (and time-wasting) relearning curve merely to repeat what one did in previous versions. Go figure.

Any info / assistance with the calendar issue much appreciated. Thank you.
You can install W7 gadgets on W10. MS doesn't like it but it works anyway. Just do a websearch for "W7 gadgets on W10" and you'll find plenty of hits with a package that someone has kindly put together to port this feature across. I have all my old W7 gadgets on my W10 worktop.
If I recall correctly MS ditched gadgets mainly for security issues.
I think their heyday was in Vista.
They were worried that they were uncontrolled by MS and therefore could easily be a way for 3rd parties to hack into the OS, I think you're correct that they were a Vista feature and were then ported into W7 (either by MS reluctantly, or by user hack like the port to W10) Nevertheless they still work just the same and as long as you only use ones you've used safely for years on Vista/W7 there's absolutely no issue.
I was a Microsoft MVP back then. Now I’m an old fogie who has forgotten more than some people learn in a lifetime. 🙄🙄😉

PC / Windows 10 -

Had a three-month calendar widget (previously called it a "gadget" . . . ummm . . . ) on my Windows 7 desktop. Now have moved to Windows 10, and the widget remains (frozen) and does not change dates.

I've found another calendar widget which I've downloaded, but have no idea how to find appropriate info in my system to remove the Win7 widget from the desktop.

Any info / assistance? Again, many thanks.
My favourite OS was Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit. It had everything anyone would want.
I agree there are a lot of people still using Win 7 and even XP in some businesses.
Thanks to all!

As I've been futzing around attempting sort this out, I decided (for whatever reason I have no idea) to take a look at Webshots, which I have loaded on as my wallpaper function . . . and as I poked around in there, guess what I found? In addition to my most favorite pix, I had at some moment lost back in the mists of computer time checked the box "Display calendar on Desktop" . . . where it had been obediently sitting with the little date highlight jumping from number to number through all those weary days of my life . . . until Windows 10 came along, and Webshots got its back up and said "I'm freezing!".

So, a simple, mere unchecking of a box has removed the offending used-to-work calendar from view, and All Of Life Is Now Good!

Appreciate y'all helping sort this out.
In Windows 10, the desktop calendar feature isn't native, but you can try using third-party calendar gadgets or widgets available online. Unfortunately, the built-in calendar from Windows 7 isn't directly transferable, but you can explore alternatives for a similar functionality.