Partitions on GPT drive

I'm using Windows 10. I get the following message when I try to change the boot partition (using EasyBCD) to a different location:

"An attempt was made to change the boot partition to a logical drive, which is not allowed. The boot partition must be a primary partition."

The partition I am trying to change it to IS a primary partition, but it's on a GPT drive. Are all GPT partitions, even though really primary partitions, considered by Windows in UEFI to be "logical"?

Is there a simple way to change the boot partition to a different partition on a GPT drive without the hassle of converting the GPT drive to MBR?


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With UEFI the boot partition has to be "EFI System Partition". You can't move it like you could in MBR, hence why EasyBCD won't let you.
Thanks for that information. But is there any way that the EFI System Partition can be modified? Before UEFI, I could use EasyBCD to make each volume on disk be bootable, but so far I haven't found a way to make a cloned drive bootable in a UEFI system.