Problems triple-booting (Win7 x64, XP x86, Ubuntu 10.04 x64)

Boot drive: 100 GB EIDE with Windows XP installed. This was the original drive and OS in this machine.

2nd drive: 500 GB SATA with Windows 7 x64 installed. This was the second OS installed, and when it installed, it replaced the MBR on the boot (1st) drive with the Win7/Vista bootloader. Win7 and XP both boot successfully from this bootloader.

3rd drive: 2 TB SATA with Ubuntu 10 Desktop x64 installed. GRUB installed to the MBR of this disk, since Ubuntu 10 won't let GRUB2 install to a PBR.

If I change the BIOS boot order to boot from the 3rd drive, I can boot Ubuntu fine, but no matter what I do, I can't get a valid BCD entry for it using EasyBCD.

I am using the latest 2.0 beta of EasyBCD.