Stop errors triggered by Easy BCD?

I support two classrooms, ~60 PCs, filled with nearly identical dual-boot Win-10 (64) hosts. Win 10 is on two separate SSDs and booting is controlled by EasyBCD.

Periodically some of these computers will take stop errors, such as:

  • 0xc000000f (most frequently)
  • KMODE exception not handled
  • 0xc0000025
  • System thread exception not handled
  • Page fault in non-paged area

The unfounded suspicion among some I work with is that Easy BCD is the cause of this. I would want to know if anyone reading this has similar experiences and are stop codes like these associated with errors triggered by Easy BCD?

Many thanks,
David Ge, Redwood City, CA
EasyBCD is not a boot manager.
It takes absolutely no part in booting your PCs
The boot process is 100% MS bootmgr.
Bootmgr uses a store (the BCD) to hold information about the location of the operating systems in a multi boot PC.
MS provides a command line utility (bcdedit) to manage the BCD contents. It's clunky and prone to error caused by typo's.
EasyBCD is just a Windows .NET application to help you manage the contents of the BCD via a GUI.