Thunderbird creates error in email message when backing-up


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Windows 10

TBird 102.2.1 - just updated . . . and discovered that doing so caused several folder modifications I had just completed in the previous version disappeared. Really, really helpful . . . not.

Was in the midst of copying email files/messages to an external drive; 3/4 of the way through, in checking the "finished product" over there on the external, I discovered that -- regardless of what date the email had originally, TBird was changing all of the message dates to today's! That's really, really useful . . . I guess . . . in someone else's reality. My reality is that when I'm backing up email messages I have a reasonable expectation that they will each accurately reflect everything associated with the original(s).

So: How does one tell TBird to leave the original date(s) alone and copy the message(s) intact?

Guess it's now looking as if I will have to start this process all over -- and attempt to not seriously begrudge a program that makes such an unwarranted and unexpected change . . .

Thanks for any helpful information; appreciated.