Unable to download the "Non-commercial" version" of EasyBCD 2.2


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Because I want to evaluate the product before I purchase it, I tried to download the "Non-commercial" version of EasyBCD 2.2 from: EasyBCD Download Registration - NeoSmart Technologies.

I registered my name and email address and I was redirected to the "Thank you for downloading EasyBCD!" page at: Thank You for Downloading EasyBCD! - NeoSmart Technologies.

A download window never appeared so I am trying to determine what the problem was with the download file as I have no issues receiving downloads from other sources.

If someone could direct me to an address where I can download the "Non-commercial" version for evaluation I would appreciate it.


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You only pay if you are going to be using the software commercially.

Although I am sure that Neosmart are always grateful for donations.

If I go to that link now and click the Download button I get the software.

If you don't see a Download button then your browsers needs updating perhaps, or Java needs installing/updating or Adobe Flash, not sure which, sorry.


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If I go to that link now and click the Download button I get the software.

If you don't see a Download button then your browsers needs updating perhaps, or Java needs installing/updating or Adobe Flash, not sure which, sorry.

I doubt it. I experienced the same problem on three platforms: Chrome 25 under Windows 8, IE under Windows 8 (I don't know which version of IE because I can't find the About dialogue), and Firefox 11 under Mint 14. Only Chrome 24 under Mint 14 actually resulted in a download; Firefox at least asked me where I wanted to save the file, but never followed through with a download.

I've downloaded other software with these browsers without issue; the problem appears to be with your site.


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Just registered so that I could reply....

Sorry to say, exactly the same issue for me;
IE8 = "thank you"
IE10 = "thank you"
Mozzila22 = "thank you"

Tested from XP, tested from Win7/64, never getting any DL regardless if I register or not.

But, even so, BIG thanks for life-saving software !!
Download older version through majorgeeks mirror and that helped me getting dual-boot back.
Will tro to donate some shortly as it did make a difference !!


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Whilst I'm sure it's very welcome, it's not mandatory to donate and makes no difference to the download button....which works fine for me. Try setting your browser to default settings,


Try this alternate link to 2.2 - actually posted earlier in the thread: http://www.neowin.net/news/easybcd-22

Mak 2.0

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Not only can't the file be downloaded from my location (I tried it on multiple computers and browsers), the upgrade feature of the previous version won't work either. It says that there is an update, version 2.2, but it absolutely will not download it.


I too am unable to download the community version from the web page <https://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/>. I have tried from Chrome 29, Firefox 23, and IE 10 on Windows-7 and from Chrome 29 and Firefox 23 on Ubuntu 12.04.02. In every case, the behavior is the same: I click on the "Download!" button and NOTHING HAPPENS. I have tried with and without clicking "Like on Facebook", and with and without entering a Name and Email address. on all these platforms.

Can you please describe what should be happening?


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They're right CG.
I generally try the link when people complain, and it's never failed.
Today Maxthon3, Opera 12.16, FF22, IE10 all find the download button completely dead !


Thanks for the alternative download location since the main one isn't working for me either. is it because of the "[FONT=Calibri, Trebuchet MS, Arial, Verdana]Please like EasyBCD on Facebook to continue to your download.."? Is the page requiring a FB liking before allowing dl'ing? If so, that irks in the extreme. If that is the case, my enthusiastic promoting of your wonderfully useful tool will have to cease.[/FONT]


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Yes, it's broken. Trying to get to it soon.


The problem should be fixed. Somehow an extra space character was inserted where it shouldn't have been.
The other problem some users experience when attempting to download EasyBCD with older versions of IE should also be somewhat mitigated as the window of time in which the download is attempted has been increased (doubled).