Windows 10 and Ubuntu already installed: How to setup EasyBCD and iReboot to reboot to each


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Sorry if I'm not reading through the manual enough, but I couldn't figure this out. I already have Windows 10 installed on my NVMe SSD as my default boot option. I have Ubuntu 20.04 installed on a second 2.5" SSD. I want to be able to easily reboot into Ubuntu upon a restart. I'm doing this so when I remotely connect to my system, I can reboot into Ubuntu if on Windows or if I'm on Ubuntu, I can just hit restart and it takes me through the default boot order.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated and if easier, you can direct me towards documentation out there.

Other notes:
I already have EasyBSD and iReboot installed.



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I haven't used iReboot for years but I'm pretty sure I remember it only works between Windows OSs (being a Windows .NET application it doesn't run on Linux, and you need a copy on all systems to switch back and forth) Also I assume that with A PC as new as yours appears to be, it's UEFI and therefore you cannot be booting via MS bootmgr
See EasyBCD and UEFI
Iirc IReboot works by dynamic resetting of the bootmgr "default" OS which is not going to have any effect on grub.