Windows 8 Easy Recovery Essentials not recognised as a boot option.


Have a W8.1 PC displaying 0xc0000428 wheen booting.
Customer said it was W10, bought W10 Easy Recovery, downloaded, created DVD, booted to it, then it said the PC is running W8.

So, bought W8 version, downloaded, created DVD, went to boot, but it is not recognised in BIOS as a boot option (W10 disc was!).
I re-burned a new DVD, but it was not recognised either.

What could be the issue?


Staff member
Check your ISP's webmail servers for Junk or Spam mail, do the same with your desktop mail client. If nothing then try using a different 'From' email address. You should have received an immediate auto-response, followed a few days later by a reply.
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