Windows Boot problem

hey! I wanted to make my drive gpt yesterday, I also did that in the windows install menu then icj had an error that I can't install windows with the drive so I restarted my pc after the pc restart my pc went into reboot and select proper device or something like that I tried every drive to boot, it doesn't even recognize my USB stick where I installed my Windows setup
Use Rufus to create your Windows boot flash drive, and select HYBRID as the formatting option. That way the stick will boot from either a UEFI or an MBR motherboard.
Different motherboards handle boot options differently. On my MSI motherboard, I get two options to boot when I insert the flash drive that's formatted as HYBRID. Try both of the options. If one won't work, the other probably will.
Try recreating the Windows setup on the USB stick and ensure the proper boot device is selected in the BIOS settings. If the problem persists, it could be a hardware or compatibility issue.