This guide will walk you through burning an ISO image to a CD or DVD with CDBurnerXP. You can use this guide to burn just about any CDs, including our Windows recovery disk, EasyRE.

Getting Started

This Guide will show you how to burn a ISO image with CDBurnerXP. CDBurnerXP is a free burning utility that works on both Windows XP and Windows Vista. Most people think that with the name CDBurnerXP it will only work on Windows XP but that is not true. The link will take you to the website where you can download the application and install it. After it is installed you will only need a blank CD/DVD.

The Process

So lets get started. Load up the application. From here you will get this little pop up.

This image lets you select the project that you wish to start. Click on the “Create Data CD/DVD” option. This will take you to the main screen of CDBurnerXP. From here you click on File and select the option “Burn disc from ISO File”

That will bring up the next window. It will look like this:

Now this is where you select the location of the file that you wish to burn. So click on the button that has the 3 dots in it (…). This will bring up the file browser where you direct CDBurnerXP to the ISO file you wish to burn.

After you select the file you select your burn speed, options and method. The burn speeds should be low. This is to prevent any bad spots or any areas that were burned to fast to read. This is to prevent data corruption. The Options should be set to Finalize Disc. This will prevent any further writing to the disc. The Method is best left alone if you don’t know about that.

Now moving on you click the Burn Disc button. This will start the Burn Process.

After that is finished you have completed the burn of the ISO file with CDBurnerXP.

Finishing Up

Congratulations. Now from here you can delete the file from your PC is you wish. The disc is now ready to use.

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