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You're no match for Neosmart, Vista Update!
By Elaine Reynolds on December 13, 2013

So I had a laptop that started the endless reboot loop after the latest Vista Update. Neosmart is a lifesaver! I used it to do a really easy system restore and now I'm back in business! I understand from my google searches that most people had to reformat their hard-drive to overcome this, but I didn't lose anything!! Thanks a million for this! I highly recommend Neosmart!

By Bill Ruschmeyer on November 15, 2013

An Outstanding, unbelievable, superb piece of software and truly a lifesaver!! I cannot say enough only that is the best $20 investment I have ever made. Simple yet completely thorough in what it does.

I would recommend this to any PC user young,old,experienced or inexperienced. I will purchase the Windows 8 version 'just in case.'I cannot foresee anyone giving this software a bad review. It does exactly as advertised, and is by far the easiest software I have come across.

Thanks you
By Dansk Sun on April 15, 2013

For anyone that ever needed to recover their computer, this is very complex. Making bootable CD online is a nightmare- this software is a huge saver. Thank you -:)

By Graham - DMS SERVICES INC on February 8, 2017

My server with a Raid controller crashed and was giving page fault errors. After figuring out that my raid controller died, i tried a similar one i had in my office. Hooked up the raid 1 drives(mirror) booted the server 2012 version of easy repair.

It could now see my partitions. tried system restore and luckily there was a restore point from the day before. Ran the restore. Rebooted my server and HOLY AWESOME is came back!

I give this program 10/10. Good job whoever made this. Saved me a PILE of time. This is a real review. I am not a paid reviewer. If your machine wont start i recommend giving this software a try! Thanks again!

Well done on a great job
By Mike on August 23, 2015

I don’t usually leave comments as most free give-aways are just a con, however, this time it requires one.

I have windows 10 and had a black screen of death it would not load at all. I downloaded the free recovery dvd on my windows 64 bit machine. I then burnt it to dvd and used it on my 32 bit windows10 machine and in 20 mins my computer was restored to its usual self. I cant thank you enough. Well done on a great job.

By the way I am not a computer engineer just a novice who likes to play with computers so anybody can use this disk with just a little knowledge. Thanks again for saving me hours rebooting.

HDD to SSD error
By Neil on April 20, 2017

Bought this product to repair failed HDD to SSD - will not boot error. Tried first time, said partition was corrupt but giving a 1 day break (for my sanity) tried again and I have a full 1 Tb SSD working flawlessly. Best money I ever spent. Tried for 8 days to get computer working, this program fixed it in under 20 minutes.

By vicky on June 1, 2016

nice software

cant boot
By Mike Bonsal on August 4, 2016

Created an ISO disk but it doesn't work. How about some instructions for making it bootable.

Editor's Note: 

Instructions are available in text, picture-by-picture, and video format at http://j.mp/EREUSB and http://j.mp/ImgBurn

You really deserve to be congratulated
By Joe Piteo on August 27, 2017

Dear NeoSmart Team,

Absolutely outstanding software. After my 30 years in the software business, I rarely come across a software product that does exactly what is says it will do. Your recovery utility was perfect -- easy to use, clear, and effective. You really deserve to be congratulated.

Thank you very much,

Joe Piteo

Win-Vista, MBR damaged, bought EasyRE. Doesn't work.
By Karl H on October 6, 2016

Bought it, downloaded, installed to USB drive using Rufus. Error re: Grub, tried both options provided, writes files to USB drive but the drive will not boot, gives Grub error. Since no helpful error messages are produced (it crashes immediately on booting), I don't know what to do next. Waste of money & time. I can still boot Vista using HiremCD chainloader4grub so my data is fine, just the MBR appears to be hosed. EasyRE does not appear to be very useful.

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