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Saved My Computer!
By Burt L on February 14, 2015

I had multiple problems with booting from the bios and even resetting the cmos did not help. I could not figure out how to get rid of 18 boot devices that were all duplicates and could not choose the right one to get the machine to boot correctly. Could not do it in DOS using the correct commands, could not do it in windows because I had no idea of how to do it and then I found this little program.

Not only did it get rid of all the duplicates, it also allowed my computer to boot correctly with the regular start up screen. No more "ghost drives" causing multiple problems. I had also been getting a Vista start up bar at the bottom of the screen and several features of the BIOS were not working. After getting it corrected, the computer booted correctly for the first time in weeks. I still have yet to receive call backs from the BIOS tech support or the motherboard tech support teams. Now, I have my computer back and it is great. I even got to dl the program for free and now I am going to buy it to show my appreciation for their fine software. Thanks again!!!

Great Support - My HD was too far gone
By Dave S on December 9, 2014

Follow up review -

Software didn't help me but support was prompt and lots of alternative options were offered - I think the corruption on the HD was beyond even this software.

This disk did the trick!
By Art on September 2, 2013

Had and acer laptop with Linux on it and needed to pass it on to a Family member with the original Windows Vista. Used Gparted to reformat the drive in NTFS and used recovery disks but GRUB came up. Could not remove GRUB with anything. This disk did the trick. Ran autorepair, rebooted and Windows Vista is running like a new PC now. Thanks!

Oh ya.....
By Roscoe Beretta on January 14, 2015

If there is a serious issue many BCDEdit (and related) commands need to be run and in a certain order this can be very frustrating. Especially if you use the BCDedit commands infrequently.

Having a very tight schedule when my latest boot problem came about I decided to try EasyRE. I wasn't even sure this particular problem could be fixed and was preparing mentally to attempt a backup recovery.

Within 5 min. of the EasyRE download completing EasyRE had automatically detected the problem and corrected. I was in shock, a good kind of shock and rebooted several times to make sure the issue was completely resolved...which it was.

It worked when nothing else did
By Larry82 on September 4, 2014

Laptop developed a problem where it would not boot. Received various messages about boot record, not being able to read disk, etc. Messages I cannot remember now. Used Windows repair feature on installation disk and another boot disk repair program. Nothing worked. Thought I had a failing hard disk. Then came across Neosmart EasyRE. Decided to buy it as one last attempt before I had to pay for another laptop. The program fixed everything! Even ran it on a desktop to make sure all was OK with it. Best $ spent!

Make the fix free for everyone...
By Jamie on October 21, 2015

Why don't you guys make this free for all users until Windows 10 gets a service pack and is stable. its stupid to charge ppl that upgraded and have thier laptops and pc's break and unbootable because of it. Why should I have to pay to fix something before I even get a chance to use it...

By Bob Marconi on February 1, 2014

I had so much trouble for several days trying to figure out how to get my computer back without having to redo the operating system and losing everything I had, no matter what I tried. So I was skeptical your product would work.

It worked flawlessly!

Very fast !
By iacopo on December 2, 2013

Thanks , this is the best product I have tried for repair Windows 7 . Two days losted for to repair the windows boot record after a SSD migration from a WD Hard disk .

I started the "repair function" and finally i can see again my windows login ! My system disk DVD was broken in two parts ! Great work my friend . No more error . Awesome product !

Best value for a dollar
By DHF on October 10, 2015

This is the best value for a dollar you will ever receive. I had major problems and the repair process was complicated and long running but they stuck with me through the entire ordeal. Neosmart can be a little slow in getting back to you but they always do and there solutions are amazing. Thanks very much. I could not recommend them more strongly.

2 days of hell
By Rob on December 22, 2015

2 days of hell, fixed in 2min..... The worst thing is none of the MS tools worked either at command line level, or the recovery options not even MS tech support could not help.

I admit I was very sceptical, but wow.

Well done guys, great product.



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