NeoSmart Technologies promises to treat personal data that you choose to share with nothing less than the utmost respect and courtesy. We won't sell your data to partners or 3rd parties alike. We won't give out your information, nor will we share it with the general public (except if you choose to do so).

NeoSmart Technologies does use cookies to keep track of sessions and logins across the site. These cookies are required for us to be able to give you a quality browsing experience. We also employ ads on our website to cover our costs and make it possible to give you quality software for free. These ad providers have their own cookies, which we do not control. Feel free to use an ad-blocker if you so wish, we'll hold no grudge!

We store some of the information you give us in databases so we can better serve you. This includes information you submit when creating a profile on our forums or when purchasing software from our online store. Otherwise, we store no personally identifying info anywhere, and your activity on the site remains anonymous. If you log out of your account at any time, we can no longer track you.

We hate email spam as much as you do — any email addresses you share with us are treated with confidentiality, so you can sleep at night without worrying which spam organization will get your email next.

Above all, we love and respect our users and customers alike. We feel you have a right to know exactly what we do with your data, hence this very straight-forward and to-the-point privacy policy. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at