betterpad 1.0


A better notepad. Still simple. Still fast.

betterpad is NeoSmart Technologies's solution to a proper note taking on Windows. betterpad is what, in our opinion, all desktop software should aspire to be: simple, fast, and reliable. It's strengths and features don't lie in a confusing interface packed with features you don't need and won't use; instead, we've created a simple text editor that focuses on letting you work and keeping out of your way.

betterpad's strengths lie in its support for modern features such as unicode text with full utf-8 support, multi-level undo so you can try things out and revert without worry, and rock-solid document management. Don't worry about saving your documents, just concern yourself with composing them. betterpad will take care of the rest. All open betterpad windows – even unsaved documents – are restored in case of an unexpected exit, system restart, or power loss.

betterpad is fast and light. It's a single exe that will happily handle any plain text file you throw at it, with the familiar convenience and minimalism of notepad without any of its frustrating shortcomings.

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