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Thread: EasyBCD to create Win7 recovery "master cd" with both ISO's+loads right 1 from menu

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    Default EasyBCD to create Win7 recovery "master cd" with both ISO's+loads right 1 from menu

    I was told by Mahmoud Al-Qudsi to ask for help here. I want to use EasyBCD to create a "master CD" or "master USB" of the Windows 7 Recovery CD's (32+64bit) that contains both ISO images and loads the right one depending on which you choose from a menu. I would only have 1 disk or USB to carry around. Plus, is there a way to take away the antivirus function where I could just have the standard Recovery Disks. Just need the Vanilla version. I am a total noob to EasyBCD so talk in simple terms please. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Hopefully I posted in the right place. If not please move it.

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    If you want vanilla versions and your W7(s) is/are functional, then just
    Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create a system repair disk.
    There's no need to download/pay. Those images are provided for those unwise enough to have waited till their OS broke before thinking about a repair disk.

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    Terry, if I create a recovery disk from my W7 (64bit) system will they work on any 64-bit system? I have a couple of pc's that need repair and need them to be universal. Is this possible?


    Sorry Terry, somehow I missed the link on your post that said you can use the recovery disk on other pc's besides the system it was created on.
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