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Thread: Windows 7 Boot Issue

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    Question Windows 7 Boot Issue

    I am helping a co worker with a problem with her computer. Problem started with doing a large number of Windows updates to Windows 7 Professional on a Dell Precision M6400. Many of the updates failed. A retry was attempted and now the computer will not boot at all.

    At boot time we get the message:

    STOP: c0000139 (entry Point Not Found)

    The procedure entry point RtlcopyContext could not be located in the dynamics link library ntdll.dll.

    I tried running a repair but that did not work. I then tried a restore and I was told that the system could not find any restore points. ( there definitely should be restore points)

    This computer did not come with a repair disk and she did not make one. So, I downloaded the repair disk from your site. I was able to burn a boot DVD and boot from the DVD. However, i am getting the same message when I reboot. That tells me that the problem is happening before the system can even load your repair software. My guess at this point is that I will need a full Windows 7 Professional DVD to boot from to repair this issue.

    I can get access to one from my office which is a couple of hours away.

    Before I do that, I am hoping someone who knows more about this than I do can tell me - do you agree that I need the actual Windows 7 Installation DVD? If so, do you know a location where i can go to download it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    First port of call for a failure after WUD, is to go directly to Microsoft.
    This is the only occasion where they will give you free one-to-one support.
    From WUD "Update History" follow the links to find an email address for support.

    Baker of fine scones.

    Please keep requests for help in the forums where everyone can see them, not in Private Messages.
    Posting a plea for help or information in the forum, will be seen more quickly by a widely experienced audience.
    A solution in the forum could also be useful to other future visitors, so PLEASE, no private requests. (they won't be answered !)

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