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Thread: i want windows 8 bootloader at power on!!!!!!

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    Default i want windows 8 bootloader at power on!!!!!!

    i have win7 and win8 dual boot. i installed easy bcd in win 7 and made win 7 as default os from then on my windows 8 bootloader has stopped loading at boot time and and thereafter windows 7 boot manager appears every time on power on.Now this continues even if windows 8 is made the default os. but yesterday i dont know why suddenly win 8 bootloader appeared ...that too fastly as compared to before and i launched win 8 and in just a second it booted up.And then i again restarted my pc to see if win8 bootloader comes.....but instead it was the usual win7 boot manager!!!!!

    i am confused plz help.....i want win8 bootloader to start up on power on as win8 boots up speedily from its loader!!!!!

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    It's not just the bootloader.
    W8 changes the way it boots so that it's not really "shutdown", so going from W8 to W8 via the W8 bootloader is fast, but you won't get similar speed using it to go to W7, or back from W7 to W8.
    Delivering fast boot times in Windows 8 - Building Windows 8 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

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