i want windows 8 bootloader at power on!!!!!!

i have win7 and win8 dual boot. i installed easy bcd in win 7 and made win 7 as default os from then on my windows 8 bootloader has stopped loading at boot time and and thereafter windows 7 boot manager appears every time on power on.Now this continues even if windows 8 is made the default os. but yesterday i dont know why suddenly win 8 bootloader appeared ...that too fastly as compared to before and i launched win 8 and in just a second it booted up.And then i again restarted my pc to see if win8 bootloader comes.....but instead it was the usual win7 boot manager!!!!!

i am confused plz help.....i want win8 bootloader to start up on power on as win8 boots up speedily from its loader!!!!!


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