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    So I was given a laptop with windows vista on it..No windows CD..I set it back to the factory settings and now I can't get it to work..It says that I'm missing the bootmng file.. I purchased the Windows Vista 64 bit recovery disc and thought I'd be able to boot it up from there..No go..Any suggestions?

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    Do you have the system set to boot from the Optical Drive first? Are you sure that the system is Windows Vista 64 Bit? Yes it does matter cause the 64 Bit disk will not work with the 32 Bit system.

    But I would be wondering why a factory reset results in a non working system first. That is a major issue.
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    Well that would be my husband..The wireless went out..Got that back...Then we couldn't open anything ..Tried doing system restore..Didn't work..(Windows was operating at the time) .. He used to be amazing at reformatting computers! Tried to reset it back to factory settings and went downhill from there..I'll have to ask if he looked to see if it was the 32 bit and not the 64..

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    If you're unable to even boot into the CD, then 32/64 isn't the problem. You'll need to review how you burned it and how your PC is configured to boot.
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