0xc0000428 Error at Startup Windows 7 64-bit



I need some help please. Have searched around but haven't been able to find a solution to my problem and I believe it's related to the MBR or Bootmanager.

I was installing a program when all of a sudden my pc crashed and upon restarting I get the above error relating to a file: windows\system32\winload.exe - it seems Windows cannot verify the digital signature. It suggests to use the Windows Install DVD and effect repair(s) as appropriate.

I have tried letting the repair options fix the problem itself - it doesn't work - Restore doesn't work either and I've tried several things like sfc \scannow etc etc - nothing works and all I am getting on boot is the same message - white writing on a black background. Everything I do brings me back to this screen when trying to boot.

I think it may be related to the bbot manager although cannot be sure. I've tried deleting the winload.exe file and replacing it with the original one from the DVD but this doesn';t work either.

So I am wondering if the program easy bcd can help me? Thing is I cannot boot into Windows to install it and was wondering therefore how I can use it from a coomand prompt or from a gui in dos?

I simply cannot afford to reinstall windows and I don't think a repair install will work either. I have googled a lot over the last couple of days and although this error comes up a lot I stilkl haven't found a solution to the problem. When I load the Windows DVD it finds 2 actual copies of my Windows 7 installation (not sure why) but when I try using bootrec.exe it doesn't see either of them.

Can EasyBCD help me please - if so how can I use it without access to my operating system.

Many many thanks in anticipation of somebody's help