1:1 Harddisk copy failed, bcd error



i have a problem with an windows installation. i have installed windows on a harddisk. (everything works well at this point).
After that, i used norton ghost to make a 1:1 copy to a Compactflash drive (which is connected via IDE2CF adapter to the Mainboard).
But the OS doesn't boot from the CF Card, i get the following error:


an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data

I guess there is an device id entry of the hard disk stored inside the bcd, is that right?
The problem is, i can't fix the bcd on the CF drive with bcdedit or bootrec, because Windows recognizes it as removable media (flashcards have an internal bit which defines if it is an fixed drive or not) even though it is connected via IDE Port. So for Windows, it os no potential OS drive (repair-console says: no windows installations found).

I searched via google and found EasyBCD. Is there a way to get this work with EasyBCD?
i am willing to buy a license of EasyBCD, if it can do it :smile:

regards, Nils
Windows Vista+ cannot be booted from a removable device. Microsoft has code that specifically searches for and blocks such attempts.
That's correct, but i use Windows Embedded Standard 7 (which is based on Windows 7). A feature of Windows Embedded is, that it can be installed on removeable media (USB Stick or SD Card).
I don't know how to tell, but Windows Embedded Standard 7 installation routine has somehow not 100% support for removeable devices. In the windows setup, i can choose for example bootable usb stack instead of standard usb stack. This makes me able to install windows on any connected usb mass storage device (no matter if usb stick or cardreader with flash card or external usb hard disk). I also can use the feature SD Boot which makes it possible to install windows on SD Cards which are inserted in embedded cardreaders directly on the mainboard.

But Windows setup does not recognize a CF Card which is connected via IDE to the mainboard as potential install drive. I can still access it in windows setup e.g. for searching controller drivers. I searched for tools which can flip the removeable-media bit to fixed bit, but this tools do not work or work only with older cards. Industrial grade CF card with fixed bit are way to expensive.

So then i installed windows via bootable usb stack and usb cardreader to the CF card succesfully. After setup i insert the CF card to the internal IDE Card reader.
This gives me a boot error.

As discribed above, i also installed windows to a hard disk (which works well) and then cloned the content of the harddisk 1:1 to the CF card.
This gives me also a boot error. (btw. this makes me really confused. 1:1 cloning of windows drives has always worked with norton ghost or acronis true image)

The problem is always the bcd file. The system recovery options of the Windows installation discs do not detect any windows installation on the CF card, so i can not fix it (apart from the fact that the windows embedded installation disc has no system recovery options anyway).

Windows Embedded Standard 2009 (which is based on Windows XP SP3) can be installed and boot from removeable media as Windows XP can do. You wrote Windows Vista+ cannot be booted from a removable device because microsoft implemented code that blocks such attempts. Maybe i can disable that checking/blocking routine with the SD Card option enabled... i will try the 1:1 clonig method again with that option enabled.
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I have exactly your identical problem, I'm trying in any way to make it works without success... Do you have this problem yet? Or you have found a way to bypass the boot problem?
Thanks in advance!