2.0 beta build 93: won't boot from ISO


Hi guys,

have no idea why, been trying this for the first time today. When choosing my ISO entry at boot time I get a message saying something like" failed, try HD0: NTFS5" (I've seen it just once so that may not be the exact wording). The ISO is a Linux distro but I don't think it matters. Anyway I got easyBCD installed on Win7/64bit. Thanks for your help:wink:
Oh, sorry, should have saw that. Just going through the steps. Unfortunately, since the ISO feature emulates a disc drive a lot of OSes do not work from it, linux distros, windows install discs (you can't install Windows anyway), etc. Its mainly good for those extra small diagnostic utilities, like Memtest86, stuff like that...

You can however, extract the ISO contents to a USB drive and add an entry to boot it. That would have a better chance of working properly.
oh, that's disappointing , I was expecting to stop the wasting of CDs/DVDs each time a new Linux build is out. Another solution I thought about, as EBCD now supports also booting from W7 virtual disks, was to attempt an extraction of the ISO on a VD, and boot from it...but I'll give the USB way a shot too...
Anyway, you guys are doing a great job, the improvements in this latest beta are amazing.

edit: what is PLoP (install as option in the bios extender section)?
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