2.0 Beta doesn't seem to handle Mac OSX


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The only way I'm able to boot my OSX (no matter if I use the custom disk number or not from the create entry page / MAC OSX/EFI), is to create the osx entry and then when booting, choose the NST Mac OSX option, at which I get a text screen that defaults to 0x80 as the drive number and gives me 2 seconds to hit the space bar and enter my OSX boot drive number, which is 82. If I specify a custom drive number in creating the entry, it seems to be completely ignored.

Isn't there some way to automate this so I don't have to hit space, followed by 82 and then Enter?
We're working on it :smile:

In the meantime, this is a known issue and users should manually key the boot drive at system startup. This doesn't mean that EasyBCD doesn't handle OS X - it means that doesn't fully automate the process.