2 boot loaders


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hey im new here now im facing this wierd problem ...

currently vista on e: adn xp on c:

i installed vista (dual boot after xp) messed up once so installed again
now i started getting 3 options:
1. xp
2. vista
3. unknown os on c

then i editted boot.ini file of xp and some how got rid of the unknown os

now the problem is that on the firstscreen (vista's bootloader) i get eXPerience (name i gav using bcdeasy) and 2nd option vista ... now when i select vista everything is fine but when i select xp it takes me to xp's botloader there again i have 2 options 1 is MS xp (xp's name in boot.ini) and the second option is windows (default) when i click on xp ... xp starts but if i click windows default i go back to vista's Bl

is there any way by which i hav 1 BL and if i select xp ... xp starts and if i select vista ... vista starts

i hope i did not confuse u guys .... thanx in advance
Hey manan, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Can you please post a copy of your boot.ini file here? I'll show you what needs to be changed.
hey computer guru thanx a lot but i found the problem ... i had not set the xp option as default as a result when i selected xp it showed me xp boot loader ...