2 Hard Drive Setup


Hi, Having just joined, I am in desperate need of advice about how to setup a dual boot using 2 hard drives. I am a complete dumbo about computers but here goes.
I had a SATA hard drive (A) with Vista Home Premium + other program files on it and used it as my OS until I purchased a new SATA hard drive (B) and installed Windows 7 + programs on it. I removed (A) and replaced it with (B) in the tower. I now wish to put (A) back in my tower and configure the lot as a dual boot setup. I have read lots of different forums but all seem to be related to fresh installs but both my drives already have the OS's on them so I am not sure whether I can just plug them both in and use Easybcd to set it up or what? If so I would greatly appreciate simple steps as to how I go about it. Sorry to be so longwinded but hope there is enough info given. Many thanks in advance, Feral. :brows:
Hi Feral,

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

What you're asking is very, very easy with EasyBCD :smile:

1) Install all hard disks and boot
2) You'll find yourself inside one of the two Windows
3) Download and install EasyBCD 2.0: EasyBCD 2.0 Beta Builds - The NeoSmart Forums
4) Add a new Vista/7 entry pointing to the *other* Windows disk in EasyBCD
5) Reboot and test.
Preferably, put W7 top of your BIOS HDD boot sequence and add a Vista entry to W7.
You can do it either way, but adding W7 to Vista sometimes has forward compatibility issues (invalid digital sig). They're fixable with EasyBCD, but why give yourself the problem.