2 Linux entries and no Windows entry after edit.

This happened once before, a while ago, and I forgot how I resolved it.

I went to edit my menu and the editing messed up. I originally had the top choice as Windows 7 and the second choice as Fedora 15. The Fedora 15 line was marked as default. Since I had installed a new Linux distro, I had to update EasyBCD to allow it to boot. I went into Edit, then, I first changed the default checkmark to the Windows 7 line, then, deleted the Fedora 15 line. I then set up the second line to boot
Debian and saved. The menu then looked like Windows 7 top line and Debian on the second line. Everything looked the way it should, so, I rebooted.
Instead of the Windows 7 and Debian lines in the menu, I was presented with the top line being Fedora 15 and the second Line being Debian. The first line should have read Windows 7, and, when booted, came up with this error:

“Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the


The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or

Question is, can I change something with a live CD so that Windows boots without going through EasyBCD or allows me to fix the EasyBCD configuration? Or, use the EasyBCD from another computer to make a repair disc that I can fix EasyBCD from? Or, do I have to purchase a Windows 7 recovery CD from SystemDiscs? I don't think anything is wrong with Windows, it's just that I now have 2 Linux entries and no Windows 7 choice in the EasyBCD menu. Any help will be appreciated.

The laptop is a eeePC 1015PX that came with the Starter version of Windows 7. I
think that's the 32 bit version stripped down if I'm not mistaken.

Thanks in advance

Edit: BTW - The Debian entry works just fine. I can boot the laptop, just not into Windows.
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If you can boot into one of the operating systems on that computer can you install a copy of EasyBCD and do your editing there?
Just a really wild guess on my part


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Sorry for the delay, I really wanted to share how I made out. Actually, I used the method posted by Terry60. I've been using EasyBCD for a long time, and, have the wiki bookmarked. I found a 32 bit version of the Windows 7 Recovery iso, and, used it to restore the bootloader. Then I went and reconfigured EasyBCD and all is well again.

I'm going to update the 2.1 version that's running on that machine to 2.2 and hopefully this won't happen again. EasyBCD really is a great application, except for this one bug, that, only I seem to run into. It happened once before, a long while ago.

Thanks again for posting