2 tooltips still hidden - vista


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"hide" & "show hidden icons"

vista still prob
1. winkey-b
2. arrow right
3. arrow left onto hide / show hidden icons
4. space toggle

tooltips still behind vista.png
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Hi g4qber, welcome to NST

Right-click on your taskbar and select properties. Click on the customize button by hide inactive notification icons on the taskbar tab. From the box that appears, you can change the behavior of icons to either always show, always hide, or only hide when inactive. If you uncheck the box hide inactive icons it should always display every icon so that none are hidden.
If thats the case, apologies. The screenshot doesn't look like there's a problem as far as the tooltip shown there goes.
The tooltip is partially cut-off, Justin.

Other tooltips won't appear at all since their location is 100% under the toolbar.