2 Vista Drives = Drive Letter Confusion


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Before I "rescue my system" I need clarification. I have a fresh install of Vista as my C drive. That is what I am running EasyBCD from. I have a problem hard drive that currently shows as my F drive that gives me a "missing winloader.exe" when bios is set to boot from it. I want to fix this drive and be able to boot from it. I'll remove the drive I am temporarily using and only install the fixed drive. What do I select for drive letters when I am running EasyBCD? Thanks!
I don't think so, Mak. He says he has two Vista's; not XP.

tttbone, select Drive C: as the System drive and as the Boot drive; then add a second Vista OS on drive F:
My bad, I have never seen the winloader error in Vista before. That is why i thought it was with XP.
don't worry about it, it's not something one would interact with... ever.

It's responsible for bringing the system from 16-bit mode to 32-bit protected mode. A second one is winresume.exe that is responsible for doing the same, but also reading the contents of hiberfil.sys into the memory to resume from a hibernation.